Provider Perspective

The fragmentation of our health care system into a multitude of different payers causes unnecessary administrative burden on practitioners. Doctors must employ numerous clerical workers to figure out what each patient’s health insurance covers, argue disputed claims and comply with bureaucratic requirements of insurance companies trying to hold down costs by limiting care. Physicians often report feeling like they spend too much time on paperwork and not enough time with their patients.

Profound changes are already happening to the way health care is financed and services delivered. The practice of medicine is being transformed, from the advent of electronic health records, to the move away from fee-for-service, to the aggregation of service providers into Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) providing patient homes and value-based reimbursement.

The move to Medicare for All would greatly simplify our health care system for providers as well as patients.

  • All patients in a physician’s practice would have coverage, the same coverage, which pays for all medically necessary treatment.
  • The administrative burden would be greatly reduced, as would be office overhead for clerical work.
  • Claims would be paid promptly, and payment would be guaranteed.
  • Doctors could spend more time with their patients.

The Medicare program is not perfect, and most physicians have a short list of what they would like to see improved.

CaPA provides a voice for doctors and other medical providers so they may help shape the future of health care and build a better system that works for us all.