Susie Baldwin, MD MPH

  • January 23, 2017 /
Photo by: Jerod Harris AND TEDMED 2016

Dr. Susie Baldwin has survived a double lung transplant, cystic fibrosis, and breast cancer, and has spent much of her adult life juggling the roles of doctor and patient. She is a preventive medicine and public health specialist whose career has focused on reproductive and sexual health, women’s health, epidemiology, and supporting human trafficking survivors through clinical care, research, education, and advocacy.

Dr. Baldwin is co-founder and Board president of HEAL Trafficking, which advances a public health and trauma-informed response to human trafficking. She has worked in different leadership capacities for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health since 2006. Previously, she has served as Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona and the California Family Health Council (now Essential Access Health), and as a US-Mexico border doctor. She completed research fellowships in Cancer Prevention and Control (at the University of Arizona Cancer Center) and Women’s Health Services (at UCLA and Greater Los Angeles VA), and has published on many public health topics. She attended Columbia University, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn, and the University of Arizona School of Public Health.

Dr. Baldwin is a member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America National Medical Committee and a former board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health. She was a member of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Technical Working Group on human trafficking. Dr. Baldwin has received Freedom Network’s Wellstone Award for her dedication to U.S. anti-trafficking efforts; LA County Department of Public Health’s Award for Excellence and its Physician Recognition Award for Health Equity; the LA County Board of Supervisors Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Champion award; Essential Access Health’s Family Planning Champion award, and the Felicia Stewart Advocacy Award from the Population, Sexual, and Reproductive Health Section of the American Public Health Association.

Dr. Baldwin has advocated for single payer, universal health care, and the steps we need to take as a country to get there since she was a college student, and she joined the physician movement for single payer as a first year medical student in 1992.

Photo by: Jerod Harris AND TEDMED 2016