James Kratzer, MD, MPH

  • January 23, 2017 /

Dr. Jim Kratzer is a lifelong advocate for comprehensive universal healthcare, “everybody in, nobody out.” His mother was born in Canada, an 11th generation Canadian, and was also a moralizer: healthcare as a basic human right has always been a core value in his family.

He has also lived a year in each of England, Australia, Germany, and Ghana, and has experienced their health care systems. Dr. Kratzer grew up in Davis, CA.

After undergraduate B.S. at Stanford, medical school at UCSD, pediatric residency in San Francisco, and MPH at Berkeley, he moved to Fresno, the center of the rural agricultural Central San Joaquin Valley of CA, where he has lived the past 37 years. The first decade he was full-time faculty at UCSF-Fresno and a opened a part-time solo pediatric practice, which has since grown. In 1989 he switched to part-time faculty, full-time practice.