Road Map To Golden State Care

Physician-Led Group Urges Governor Newsom and Legislators to Adopt Its Road Map to Universal Health Care

Sacramento, CA— The California Physicians Alliance (CaPA) is calling on Governor Newsom and the California state legislature to join in advancing the health of all Californians by adopting and acting on the Road Map to Golden State Care, developed by CaPA leaders and their advisors.

CaPA’s Road Map provides a step-by-step plan to achieve a universal, high quality, accessible, and equitable health care system: Golden State Care. It builds on California’s current system in three phases to avoid disruptions in access to care and to ensure stability at each phase. With a design specifically created to account for the unique needs of Californians, the Road Map can help lead the state to universal health care.

About the Road Map

CaPA offers the Road Map to Golden State Care as a strategic, approachable, and realistic way for California to protect the health of its residents and to serve as a leader for the nation:

· Phase I streamlines and improves the existing state infrastructure to expand coverage, improve quality, and save money.

· Phase II consolidates some of the infrastructure for greater efficiency and added savings.

· Phase III implements a unified system of public financing: Golden State Care.

The full document can be found here.

Additional Resources

In addition to the Road Map to Golden State Care, CaPA offers a series of short educational videos to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about universal health care.

CaPA is also developing a calculator that the public and small businesses can use to compare estimates of their current health care costs with those of Golden State Care. The calculator will be released later this month and hosted on the CaPA website at

California’s residents are asking for relief and demanding something be done to improve the state's health care system. CaPA offers a way forward with the Road Map to Golden State Care.

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California Physicians Alliance (CaPA) is the statewide, mostly physician-led, 501(c)3 health advocacy non-profit working to advance the goal of guaranteed, high quality, comprehensive and equally accessible care for all.