About Us

We are a values-driven organization

About Us

California Physicians Alliance (CaPA) is a voice for physicians, providers and advocates who want a health care system that works for us all.

We want better outcomes for our patients. We work to end health disparities and the financial hardship that results from our current fragmented system.

We want physicians to be free to focus on patient care without undo burden of bureaucratic oversight and onerous administrative tasks.

We are entering an era of significant change in how health care is financed and delivered. CaPA offers an opportunity for our members to have a voice in shaping the future of health care by formulating, educating and advocating for legislative reforms that move us in a better direction.

Our Mission/Our Vision

We are a values-driven organization.​

Health care is a human right. Our mission is to educate and advocate for health care reform in order to achieve guaranteed, high quality, comprehensive and equally accessible care for all.

While California Physicians Alliance supports efforts to help all people obtain health care, we work to establish a publicly financed, non-profit single payer health care system in California and the nation. What is single payer?

Who We Are

CaPA is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization with 7,000 physicians, medical providers, health professional students, and advocates throughout California.

Our student section, the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA) engages medical students, pre-med, public health, and pre-health students on college campuses around the state.

We provide opportunities for students entering careers in health to learn more about the system in which they will be working. We aim to impart leadership and advocacy skills to our students to empower them to become agents for change who will lead us to a better system. 

CaHPSA's Project White Coat trains health professional students to assist community members enroll in Medi-Cal or Covered California. Our students also organize an annual Lobby Day and Leadership Training conference in Sacramento. Find out more here.

CaPA Action

CaPA Action is a nonprofit social welfare organization and the home to our coalition of organized physician and provider groups who support our mission/vision and strategy.

Our Three-Point Strategy

  • Help people gain access to care now and work to preserve those gains
  • Support improvements to our health care system that are achievable in the short-term
  • Create a roadmap to a publicly financed, privately delivered single payer health care system in California and the nation

History of CaPA

California Physicians Alliance (CaPA) was founded in 1987 in the San Francisco East Bay area. The founders were doctors who believed we could improve health care for patients by improving our health care financing and delivery system.

In 1998 CaPA incorporated as a statewide organization and now has members throughout California. CaPA launched its student program, the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA) in 2008. We added an official Advisory Board in 2010, and created a subcommittee of Advisors to guide our efforts in the Latino community, the largest demographic group in California, in 2014.

In 2014, CaPA began moving toward its current 3 pronged strategy of helping people gain access to health care now, working for short term achievable improvements to the health care system, while continuing to build a viable pathway to single payer.

In 2016, we set a goal for the leadership and membership of our organization to reflect the rich diversity of California while advocating for health care reform that improves the lives of everyone.